I always thought I lived in America, which is true.

The continent Columbus found out of the blue.

We were once the West Indies, the amazing wonder

The land without cities, wilder and stronger.


I don’t really know why we are called North, Central and South America.

We are so different we could have different names.

Long ago, we were all attacked


By people who thought the land wasn’t meant to be shared.


And this annoys me,

Because I am part of this people too.

We are all unstoppable

And this could be our doom.



Why only the “UnitedStateners” are called Americans?

I am sure this is our own fault.

Because “we” adopted the latino identity

Which is American, after all.

Don’t boast of your origins

They are as good as anyone else’s.

I’m only saying that because my instructor said

Americans like it fast and direct,

Which is true.


December 9, 2015


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