Been there, done that.

Build muscle, lose fat.

Less cards, more cash.

Less take and more share.

I should’ve told you that I’m sorry,

Or that I really don’t care.


Maybe the elevator instead of stairs.

Trust my feelings instead of theirs.

Take the cheap route for the low fares.

Every night has dreams and nightmares. 


And that’s great,

But the world belongs to those who are awake.



June 14 in Contagem, Brazil



I’m heading back,
or so I was told by you
I was, (I am) lost in myself
I thought I didn’t know what to do

Stay safe, friends
(they are, and) she tries to let me know
But when I stop and get home
I forget where to go
I lose myself again
Like that time in the snow

They say: where are you?
Well, here in Kalamazoo
I’m walking ever since
Looking for a time that true
Learning that intensity is not quality. and
Patience is a virtue

If the dream is really over*
I still have time to realize
Because half of the (good) answers
Are all in my mind

Time could tell me
If I just knew where to find.


July 8, some(time)where between Kalamazoo, Macon, and Contagem.

*Has it ever happened?


America has two sides: Upside and downside.
The side of the power and the side of the fighter;

The side of grief and the one that is lighter.


America has two sides: inside and outside.

The side of the pride that also have prayer;

The side of the cry of the people who say:

Save us, oh, the Greater!

America has two sides: backside and front side.

The side of the poetry and the side of the song;

Although not common sense, there is no wrong

After all, art just shows where we belong.
America has so many sides it can be called a sphere.

That bring hope to many, but also happens to bring fear.

As I am an outsider, I am aware that it may not be clear

Or accurate. But why do you care, my dear?

We are in the land of the free.

December 2015 in Kalamazoo, MI


While she lies on her bed

I lie

Is it bad

If I cry

The day after

I’ll try

To get better


There’s a way


Make it fake

To die

Is to give away

To be alive

Is a price to pay


When she finds what we had

Our lights

Will be slightly red

Our eyes

Lead to forget

Our lives

Blood that was shed
We can forgive each other 

But should we bother?

If, and only if,

We find the place where truth lies.


October 31, 2016 in Contagem, Minas Gerais


Sometimes I float

My body moving away with the wind

I float around you

Until only thin air between us


Your eyes slay me

Your face shoves me down

Presses my square inches to the ground 

Makes my mania slowly leak out


Your crossed arms tie me 

Your lack of fire is what burns me

I try to get away from you

But I can only try to be closer

Because of you I keep bursting.

April 2016, in Kalamazoo, Michigan.


Por um momento volátil
corpos deslizantes por demais inebriados
meus lábios de encontro aos seus
eu olho pra cima e digo


Seu fulgor, chama
Seu olhar, brisa
meu ardor, inflama
seu amar, faísca.

Sua alma acesa demais
para caber em um mundo só de dois
Da minha multidão de erros
Só acertei quando disse


Imaginar é sofrer
E te ver é sangrar
tudo o que faço queima
pois ainda não sei amar.


June 25, 2016 in Macon, GA


I am like a man that looks to a mirror
And then forget how he was
A dog eating from the leftover of a banquet
Vomit-tasting stuff
I am a wayward kid
With a slingshot I killed a bird

It’s all over my hands
Fingers sticky with blood
But hitting the man in the mirror
Was not redemptive enough

I could not look that friend in the eyes
After all I have done
Because I know he was looking at me
Going away with that gun

He told me I was ending up getting hurt
I said they were only a piece of art
But after firing thousand shots
I keep aiming at my own heart

My fears, I told you
They never go away
Because when blood is in my hands
I just invite them to stay
So when I cry and whisper
It’s because I don’t know what to do

All I thought was that my fear
Was buried with you


June 3rd, 2016 in Macon, GA.